Quick Answer: What Does AF Mean At Auction?

What does 750 mean on jewelry?

National Diamond Center by Caprice Here’s the quick answer: “750” means “18-karat gold”.

“585” means “14-karat gold”.

“417” means “10-karat gold”..

What is the meaning AF?

AF is an acronym that stands for: As F*ck. When someone writes af (either capitalized or in lowercase letters) on social media or in a text message, it simply translates to as f***.

What is savage AF?

On the internet, savage AF is a slang way to characterize something as extremely good, brutally honest, or as a ruthless takedown.

What happens if you bid at an auction and don’t pay?

Should a successful bidder choose not to pay, an auctioneer has every legal right to seek payment for purchased items, including canceling the sale and reoffering the property without reserve. Typically a defaulted lot is either reoffered or returned to the consignor, but can be “tainted” to the marketplace.

What is the best way to bid at an auction?

What Is The Best Online Auction Bidding Strategy?Go for the less active items. There are often many items up for bid in an online auction lot that are similar or the same. … Begin with a high bid. … Auction squatting. … Wait until the very end to bid. … Live and online auctions at High Plains Auctioneers.Sep 21, 2018

Can you back out of an auction bid?

In many cases — yes. Buyers who have placed a bid can retract their bid any time before the auctioneer announces the sale has been completed. … If the buyer does not complete the transaction, they may be liable for any damages to the seller if the item is resold for a lower value.

How much should I pay at auction?

In New South Wales, a 10% fixed deposit is required unless otherwise stated, which can be paid by a personal or bank cheque, cash and other methods by arrangement between all parties.

Do auctioneers actually say words?

Auction chant (also known as “bid calling”, “the auction cry”, “the cattle rattle”, or simply “auctioneering”) is a rhythmic repetition of numbers and “filler words” spoken by auctioneers when taking bids at an auction. … Auctioneers typically develop their own style, and competitions are held to judge them.

What is a F in drawing?

AF. across flats. Commonly used when measuring the flat surfaces of a hex drive, such as a hex nut. AFF. above finished floor.

What does AF mean on jewelry?

as foundAF means ‘ as found ‘ , so what does ‘ as found ‘ actually mean? Well it means you see it in the actual condition it is in ‘ as found ‘. So if you have the ability to view the goods you should. As soon as a seller mentions AF, if you can you view that item, do so that’s if you want to bid/buy it.

What does a f mean in auctions?

as foundA/F in British English abbreviation for (in auction catalogues, etc) as found.

What does it mean when an auctioneer says you’re out?

The bidding will go back and forth with bidders jumping in or dropping out as the asked-for amount gets higher. If you’re the last bidder, you win the lot for whatever your last bid was (also called the “hammer price”). The auctioneer will announce “SOLD!” and will call out your bidder’s number.

What is goat mean sexually?

goat noun [C] (MAN) informal disapproving. a man who is very active sexually, or would like to be and makes it obvious: an old goat.