What Is CSS Body Tag?

Does CSS go in head or body?

As CSS is not document content, it should be in the head.

Also every other Web developer will expect to see it there, so don’t confuse things by putting it in the body, even if it works.

The only CSS you should put in the body is inline CSS, though I usually avoid inline styles..

What is a CSS selector example?

A CSS selector selects the HTML element(s) you want to style….All CSS Simple Selectors.SelectorExampleExample description**Selects all elementselementpSelects all

elementselement,element,..div, pSelects all

elements and all

elements3 more rows

How many types of CSS are there?

three typesDifference Between the 3 Types of CSS Styles: Inline, External and Internal. In this tutorial, you will learn the difference between the three types of CSS styles: inline, external, and internal.

How do you use style tag?